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Dojo - Best stuff in London


So... you're on the Play Store and you've ended up actually reading the long description about what we do (you really can't be that busy...). This is the moment where we need to convince you that Dojo is the best app in London isn't it? You want us to tell you something... something big, that will make you say "ah, interesting, I'll download this Dojo thing and give it a whirl". You want us to explain exactly what we do, probably in bullet points... bet you'd love nothing more than a few "easy-to-read" bullet points wouldn't you? Well guess what? we aint in the mood for bullet points... we're going for long ol' sentences today.Okay if you're still reading, now it really is time to tell you what Dojo does...
Here's the problem: there's a load of cool stuff going on in London every day; pop-up restaurants, brand new cafes, interesting, alternative art exhibitions etc... London is full of em'... the problem is you don't know if these things even exist, what time they open or how to get there do you? That's where Dojo comes in. We find the bad-ass stuff to do in London, we give you all the details about it and then you can get there via Uber or Citymapper all within the Dojo app.
SOLD to the young lady at the back!